About Us

Why Fax-to-Mail ?

Free Fax to Email is a free fax service for South Africa. Receive a fax for free with your email. Get your free fax to email number today! Fax-to-Mail is an online marketing initiative for FaxWorx with the main focus on promoting a managed cloud based voice and fax service that include voice message to email, fax to email and email to fax / web to fax solutions for South African users.

Being a niche provider of these services for many years on the African continent, a unique Intellectual Property specifically for corporate institutions has been developed.  This Intellectual Property has been converted into structural capital that is displayed in the customised Fax Platform services that are core to our offering.

By entering into a partnership with FaxWorx corporates and individuals alike will enjoy the advantages of the expert  fax to email platform capabilities as well as our experience in delivering managed services. Our managed fax solution seamlessly addresses all the faxing requirements of organisations both big and small and illustrates our holistic managed fax solution offering, allowing our customers to benefit from the tangible reduction in associated overheads. Our offering makes provision for our services to be maintained on a pro-active basis, with online & call centre support, regular enhancements and improvements offering proactive value adds.